Our Team

Our key Strength ‘We as a Team believe in Teamwork’

Our Experienced, Young, Dynamic Enthusiastic packaging professionals having expertise in multiple disciplines of Products, System & Packaging services, varying from food products to automobiles, from gross manufacturing procedures to specialty packaging.

Our Team has their work experiences with highly prestigious industries, as a name of few are Hindustan Unilever, Ranbaxy, Reckitt Benckiser, ITC Limited, Honda Motor etc. Along with skilled experts in Moulding, Design, Graphics, Packaging material development, Converting & many more

The Team is well neat and functions aggressively in serving the clients which could be summarized as below:

We innovate for need; think out of box for new ideas and inquest for new developments keeping sustainability in our mind. To name a few, following people make the strong pillars of our team


PACKAGING SOLUTION tscs is the brain child of legendary Material Technologist, T K Datta, who had the distinction of working in Indian Defence R&D; on High Altitude High speed Aircraft material development and use. A coveted position as Senior Scientific Officer, allowed him to toy with scientific & logical ideas of building superstructures like honeycomb to ascertain high stiffness to flaps and ailerons of aircraft super structures at minimal weight.

His experience on applied material science was further sharpened when he worked for Tata Motors for their automobile enterprise which used to build Truck structures under the guidance of Damler Benz, the German giant in automobiles.

This was followed closely by his joining groups of Metal Box plc, at the Research division where he played around for 9 long years in various arenas of Packaging Development.

It was here where he started scouting to develop an enterprise which will deal with every possible aspect of Packaging Technology from the point of view of manufacturing and conversion engineering.

Subsequently when he worked for Indian Institute of Packaging as Deputy Director and subsequently as Joint Director he attained a new height on working on education, consultancy, testing and overall administration in Packaging fields for 5 years.

He started his dream solo organization on Packaging innovation in 2006 but not before he completed his innings as Head of Packaging Development for India of the famous multinational Reckitt Benckiser India where he worked for 13 years.

Thus knowledge of science as applied in field of aeronautics and automobiles and in depth projects on packaging in Metal Box and Indian Institute of Packaging got encapsulated in the matrix of his exposure at Reckitt Benckiser where combination of multi functional teams to achieve project goals became a useful tool in launching the concept of “Transform Science and combine science” in areas of Packaging Technology. TSCS became his dream for application development in Packaging Technology. His association with Indian Institute of Packaging as a Teacher in Packaging Technology since last 10 Years have further honed and sharpened his understanding in the Packaging Technology and this has created a father figure for him to around 500 students transformed to Smart Packaging Professionals serving Industries.


A very young and talented Packaging Technologist having background in Industrial Chemistry and a first class post graduate diploma holder in Packaging Technology from Indian Institute of Packaging had also his dream set to become a PACKAGING CONSULTANT when he joined a Global Indian pharmaceutical Company, Ranbaxy at their plant.

He continued his quest for knowledge and experience while he worked for three years as Head of Packaging in SBL, the Global and Asian leader in Homeopathic medicine and introduced many value added and cost effective Packaging Initiatives.

With in depth knowledge in Export Import business he is set to take his new company, Packaging Solutions tscs on the Global platform. He is the key person to initiate the new office of the group in China which is longing for a good tie up with the players who want to utilize Chinese expertise in application of Plastics Technology in Packaging Innovation. Sky is the limit, he feels.

Supply efficiency is the key element which he considers should be taken into consideration and he is on board to combine Chinese and Indian Expertise in developing sources for the packaging materials on behalf of the clients.

Master of Business Administration of Greenwich University, London, paved the way forward for him to take control of Printing and Packaging business of one of the largest printing house of India which led him to believe expansion and diversification could be one of the areas which should be focused and this led to his joining the PACKAGING SOLUTIONS tscs as Director for business diversification. Core area remaining Packaging Development with embedded anti spurious tools with support from digital technology he is leading number of projects for this group which also uses technologies like Mojo Tag and Nano Technology together with evolution of complex structural design as part of overt function for number of India Government projects and Indian Multinationals which has major roll in protecting both top line as well bottom line of companies performance and also National Economy. With the leadership qualities of his stature, Packaging Solutions tscs is ready to take up assignments from any Packaging Related Companies from any countries to look into their interest in Government level as well as to guide them to their right prospective customers in India.